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( THE 7.225 )



Our gallery space receives once per semester, artists who have works that aren't specifically performance-based. Here, they can present their work. This is not a "staged piece" space, but rather a maleable space that welcomes art in a less time-restricted setting. Some examples would be: photography, mixed media, graphic art, sculpture, installation art, performance art, video, music (recorded or live), etc. 

For more info on how to apply, please read the criteria below.


Notre espace galerie reçoit une fois par semestre les artistes qui ont des œuvres qui ne sont pas spécifiquement basées sur la performance. Le 7.225Il ne s’agit pas d’un espace «mis en scène», mais plutôt d’un espace artistique qui accueille des œuvres pouvant être vues par le public dans un cadre moins restreint. Quelques exemples seraient: la photographie, les techniques mixtes, l’art graphique, la sculpture, l’art d’installation, la performance, la vidéo, la musique (enregistrée ou live), etc. 


  • You must be an artist early in your career.

  • You must apply before the deadline (see calendar).  All applications received after the deadline will not be considered. 

  • We will contact you via email to inform you whether your work has been selected, so please make sure that you provide a valid email address.

  • If your work is selected you must arrive on the day of presentation at 5 pm in the black box studio in order to work with our technical team and set up your art piece. Except for medical reasons, if you are not present an hour before the show (6 pm), you won't be able to present your work.  

  • It is very important to arrive on time to familiarize oneself with the space and work out any potential technical or spatial issues.

  • Please note that Studio 7 is photographed, by applying you accept our waver form.

  • Please note that we do not have access to a lighting grid in this studio so lighting options are limited. We encourage you to be creative!  If you want a specific lighting for your piece, you may need to bring your own resources. 

  • If you are a performance artist but would like to explore the space outside of the black box, submit a performance or presentation application and specify the space you would like to work with and what technical requirements you will need to perform in this space.  We will do our best to accommodate your requests but please remain flexible to change.